Why Do You Need an Offer as a RE Pro?


 Hello friends,

Today, we’ll talk about offers.

What is an Offer?

It’s simply what you are selling.

Your services as a RE Agent, or your services as a plumber, or your digital program or a course.

Your offers could be FREE or Paid.

The way the funnel( your ideal customer journey) works is represented in the following illustration:

  1. Attract with FREE value- driven content and your stories.
  2. Capture with a FREE Offer ( i.e Free Home Evaluation)
  3. Nurture the people who opted in to your email list with more value- driven content ( i.e your e-newsletter, blog content, video tutorials or podcast)
  4. Convert customers to buy services from you( i.e set up a listing appt, buyer consultation an hire you to work with them)
  5. Retain: you provide exceptional service and they become a raving fan of you and tell everyone about you ( i.e referrals, repeat buyers and sellers.)

Between step 3 and 4 is where you start making your Paid Offer.

And in order to have an irresistible Offer that Converts, here are the 3 elements I want you to think about each time you create an offer. 

  1. The Problem: identify what is your customer’s problem ( i.e. they don’t know anything about purchasing a house, they don’t know where to start from, and they need to move into one in the next month and make this process easy, etc.)
  2. The Transformation: identify what’s on the other side of the problem? What would it be for your customer if their problem was solved magically? What would it be like for them if their problem was solved? And how would they feel about it?
  3. The Vehicle that will help them get from point A to point B: ( i.e. It’s Your Services, as a RE agent, etc.)

Our Customers want RESULTS, they don't care about us, they care about them and what is it for them.

 Make sure to Focus on 1 Offer at the time, so you don’t confuse your potential customers.

 Now, let’s put it all together and create your OFFER using the following formula:

          “ If you’re a _____________ ( add who you serve), struggling with _____________ ( add their problem) and it feels like _____________ ( add their internal problem), I can help.”

   Here is example of one of my offers:

“ If you are a Real Estate Agent struggling to attract qualified homebuyers online, and you’re looking for an easier, more effective strategy that doesn’t take up all your time, I can help.”

 I hope that was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.


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