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FREE Masterclass for Real Estate Agents Anyone?

So many real estate agents are complaining about not being able to create consistent income in their business and I've seen so many of my colleagues including me, making the mistake of doing it ALL:

  • building a Website
  • running Facebook and Instagram ads
  • looking for the right CRM
  • ordering business cards,
  • blogging
  • podcasting
  • changing the fonts and colors on their website
  • posting on social media
  • building sales funnels
  • signing for online courses
  • buying leads
  • buying new software's 



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Are you getting HATE Comments Online and what do you make them mean?

Happy Thursday!!!

Just checking with you to see what you are up to Today?

I wanted to share with you couple of things:

# 1. Today, I've got my first HATE comment on social media on one of my videos, so I guess what I've been doing lately on-line is working. LOL.

Last year I would've shut up myself down and would've stopped doing what I was doing but Today I'm choosing not to make it mean anything about me anymore,

The comment was in Bulgarian(I guess the man who commented can't write in...

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Day 5: Biz Revamp - Wrapping it Up!


Hello friends, if you’ve been following this thread, by now: 

You know what your business does.

You know why you’re in this business.

You know who the people you serve are.

You know what their problem is.

You know what offer you make to help them solve their problem. 

The next steps to wrap this week up, is to ask yourself the following questions: 

Where do my people hang out online?

How can I connect & engage with them?

What do they need right now? What I can...

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Day 4. Biz Revamp: Where Your People are On-Line?

Hello, it’s Day # 4 of #COVID19BizRevamp!

If you are doing it with me by now you should have a clear picture of:

Why are you doing what you’re doing(i.e real estate sales,etc.)?      What problem do you solve for them and who do you solve it for??

What unique experience your people have when working with you?

How do you want your customers to feel when working with you?

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% clear, just do as much as you can at this time,...

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Day 3. Biz Revamp: Let's share our what's and why's(+the next Q's to ask)

It’s Day # 3 from the #Covid19BizRevamp I’ve been doing for my business, and before I give you the action steps for today if you are doing it with me, I wanted to share with you what came for me so far as I was working on the questions.

Day # 1. What do I want to do? 

I want to create a profitable Online Business. 

Day # 2. Why is this important to me?

Because my dream is to become 100% Location Independent and be able to support myself and work from anywhere where there...

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Day 2. Biz Revamp: Why do you do what you do?


So, yesterday, we answered the question: what do we want our life and biz to be?

Today’s One question I am asking myself and I want you to ask yourself if you’ve decided to follow is going back to your WHY.

An Warning: If your ONLY and SOLE Reason to be in business is MONEY, just go and get a job. MONEY is AMAZING and we all need to make it, just don’t let that be your only reason.

Why do I want the results you want to achieve from yesterday’s exercise?

Why is this...

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Day 1. Biz Revamp: What do you want? ( in your Life + Biz)


I don't know about you but every day I'm wondering what I can create, what else I can learn, who I can connect with, what I can do to make a difference in mine and other people's life.

Because it's the PERFECT time now especially for those of us who stay home

I’ve decided to go back to the basics and evaluate everything in my business and make sure it's aligned it whit my personal vision.

If you're staying home during Covid-19, if you are a real estate agent, if you are thinking of...

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Day 3. How to grow your Real Estate Business even when you #stayhome?



Originally my plan was to go over Tactic 4, 5 and 6 from the book "Shift " by Gary Keller but the circumstances are slightly different today due to COVID-19, so in today's Facebook Live, I would like to share some ideas you might also consider to implement in your real estate business even when you've made a choice to #stayhome like I did.

Here are the 3 basic steps I found are the foundation to grow a successful real estate business:

1. Connect and Engage as many people as possible.


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COVID-19. Life.Real Estate.Being a Leader.


Dear friend,

Technology failed me to go on Facebook LIVE today, for those of us who work virtually, the internet, Zoom, FB Live are slow and sometimes connection fails🤔 but the good news is that we are still having internet.

As promised, I went over Tactic # 3 from the book "Shift" by Gary Keller: Do More with Less - LEVERAGE. Here is the recording CLICK HERE.

Our Businesses and Lives are NOT going to be the same during and after COVID-19.

❤ So, I've decided that...

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Let's Prepare for a Shifting Market


Hi fellow real estate agents,

I've been thinking a lot what I can do to give value in uncertain times like that to help our businesses, and I came to the idea to re-read the "Shift" by Gary Keller.

It helped me a lot during the 2008 Recession.

On Monday, March 23th at 11 am EST on my Facebook Business Page, we'll start with Tactic # 1 , 2 and 3.

I am looking forward to see you there. Please share with your colleagues. I think we can all take the first step and prepare for The Shift.

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