Crafting Your BIZ Next 12 MO. Money - MAP Using THIS 8 - Tier Framework PART 1 OF 3

Hey friends, 

It’s another week for this new adventure for me, podcasting.

This is not just a way for me to connect with more like minded people but also to challenge myself and have the courage to put myself out there even when I am scared half of the time.

It’s a way for me to improve my verbal communication skills, yep! I said it, full confession showing my vulnerable side of insecurity. I’m working and practicing some English sounds almost daily, so you get a better...

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Getting Clarity: How to Get Back to Your What and Why?

Hi there my dearest midlifepreneurs™ or about to be. 

Yes! This Podcast is going STRONG.

Before we go any further talking about all the how's about online business and marketing, I want you to check with yourself first.

We are so preoccupied and in a hurry those days with our to do lists, bombarded with more and more and more…

Sometimes it feels like you can’t breath, right? 

No worries because I got you!

No matter what stage of business you find yourself...

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Welcome to My Podcast Trailer & 2021 Podcasting Journey

Hi friends! 

Yes! Yes! Yes! It's happening for REAL.

I'm now ready to LAUNCH a Podcast!

In the last couple of years I've been ON and OFF to start one but didn't do it. 


Because I was SCARED what other people will think about me including family and friends.

Today, I'm proud to say that I figured out a way to overcome my own fears when they come to a play, I put my courageous hat and I "just do it", like Mr. Nike said.

I also found a very easy hosting platform app called ...

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great news: People HATE marketers & sales people!

You and I both know that most people don’t like to be sold or marketed to.

I mean …WE as sales people might do...but we're not like everyone else.

Most people hate it. They see it as a rude interruption to their day.

This process I’ve learned from one of my Mentors, who is also one of the top online marketers.

So, FORGET about the Old Ways to generate New Business online.

Imagine, if you did not need to hammer people with scripts and sales pitches but allow them to come to...

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Where you WON’T find clients?

Yesterday I was talking with new agents online and one of the them was so concerned about not being able to get the mailing address for a person she met on-line, and wanted to find out how she can do that.

When I asked her why is this so important to her, she said that she wanted to have it, so she can send them a Thank you card and a business card, and have the complete details in her CRM ( Client Relationship Manager) for future use.

…which made me think and question why we as...

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How to Position yourself as the RE Expert in your market?

You don't need to have a PHD in Real Estate to be an Expert.

You don't need to be The #1 Agent, The #1 Top Producer, The # 1..this and that.  

When some credentials might be helpful in your about section, marketing yourself with this kind of ego marketing, in my opinion, might hurt more than help your marketing.

Listen, people don’t really CARE if you’re the Top Agent in our office, they care to get help in the most effective way, so they can move on with their lives.


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The # 1 Indicator that you might have a marketing problem.

If you are sitting around and scratching your head thinking: “ I don’t have enough people to talk to.. or I don’t know who to talk to...or whoever I talk to is not qualified, motivated, ready to buy/sell…”

.. this most likely is the # 1 Indicator that you have a Marketing Problem in your Real Estate Business.

The Traditional wisdom we as agents are getting is:

“ It’s a Numbers’s Game! … therefore we MUST do all the things in our...

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Why Zillow leads might not be working for you?

The # 1 Reason why Zillow Lead might not be working for you in my opinion is because you haven’t decided ahead of time what do you WANT them to do for YOU?

You need a Game Plan aka a Process of how to get from Point A ( when the phone rings) to Point B (closing the sale).

Do you have one?

If you do Kuddos to you!

But if you don’t, the following questions will help you get more clarity and create one:

  • What is your budget?
  • How long are you...
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How I started in Real Estate?

Hi friend!

When I think how I've started in real estate 17 years ago, it started by an accident not as a long planned event.

At the time I was preparing income taxes for people and the tax season has just ended and I was wondering if I should offer bookkeeping services, or what else I should do as a service business that I've started couple of months ago.

I had a background in 3 other business back in my home town in Bulgaria... I've been self-employed for the most part of my life, so...

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The ONE and Only Thing to Do as a Real Estate Agent


When I just started back in 2003 there was no Facebook and searching homes on-line or meeting people on-line was not very popular, and it was not  a thing back then, but what was a thing, and it never changes no matter where the technology will bring us, is that people want to work with other human beings who they know, like and trust.

So, I was thinking the other day about preparing for today’s Mastermind, what would I do if I was just starting in real estate today?

And the One,...

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