How to Position yourself as the RE Expert in your market?

You don't need to have a PHD in Real Estate to be an Expert.

You don't need to be The #1 Agent, The #1 Top Producer, The # 1..this and that.  

When some credentials might be helpful in your about section, marketing yourself with this kind of ego marketing, in my opinion, might hurt more than help your marketing.

Listen, people don’t really CARE if you’re the Top Agent in our office, they care to get help in the most effective way, so they can move on with their lives.


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The # 1 Indicator that you might have a marketing problem.

If you are sitting around and scratching your head thinking: “ I don’t have enough people to talk to.. or I don’t know who to talk to...or whoever I talk to is not qualified, motivated, ready to buy/sell…”

.. this most likely is the # 1 Indicator that you have a Marketing Problem in your Real Estate Business.

The Traditional wisdom we as agents are getting is:

“ It’s a Numbers’s Game! … therefore we MUST do all the things in our...

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Why Zillow leads might not be working for you?

The # 1 Reason why Zillow Lead might not be working for you in my opinion is because you haven’t decided ahead of time what do you WANT them to do for YOU?

You need a Game Plan aka a Process of how to get from Point A ( when the phone rings) to Point B (closing the sale).

Do you have one?

If you do Kuddos to you!

But if you don’t, the following questions will help you get more clarity and create one:

  • What is your budget?
  • How long are you...
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How I started in Real Estate?

Hi friend!

When I think how I've started in real estate 17 years ago, it started by an accident not as a long planned event.

At the time I was preparing income taxes for people and the tax season has just ended and I was wondering if I should offer bookkeeping services, or what else I should do as a service business that I've started couple of months ago.

I had a background in 3 other business back in my home town in Bulgaria... I've been self-employed for the most part of my life, so...

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The ONE and Only Thing to Do as a Real Estate Agent


When I just started back in 2003 there was no Facebook and searching homes on-line or meeting people on-line was not very popular, and it was not  a thing back then, but what was a thing, and it never changes no matter where the technology will bring us, is that people want to work with other human beings who they know, like and trust.

So, I was thinking the other day about preparing for today’s Mastermind, what would I do if I was just starting in real estate today?

And the One,...

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How to make Money as a Real Estate Agent?

Dear Reader,

Today I wanted to share with you what I’ve realized after 17 years in the field of real estate.

I’ve tried it all: lead generation strategies from buying leads, cold calling, FSBO and Expireds Calls, using scripts, programs, challenges, coaching,... probably I’ve spend well over $100K doing that… and now when I’m in a business of helping agents like yourself make their 1st commission check or grow their business, and I’m asking myself the...

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ALL PRODUCTS 70% OFF till April 30, 2020


Calling all real estate agents.
I am giving away some digital products for FREE

and also running 70%OFF Sale on other digital products,
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FREE Masterclass for Real Estate Agents Anyone?

So many real estate agents are complaining about not being able to create consistent income in their business and I've seen so many of my colleagues including me, making the mistake of doing it ALL:

  • building a Website
  • running Facebook and Instagram ads
  • looking for the right CRM
  • ordering business cards,
  • blogging
  • podcasting
  • changing the fonts and colors on their website
  • posting on social media
  • building sales funnels
  • signing for online courses
  • buying leads
  • buying new software's 



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Are you getting HATE Comments Online and what do you make them mean?

Happy Thursday!!!

Just checking with you to see what you are up to Today?

I wanted to share with you couple of things:

# 1. Today, I've got my first HATE comment on social media on one of my videos, so I guess what I've been doing lately on-line is working. LOL.

Last year I would've shut up myself down and would've stopped doing what I was doing but Today I'm choosing not to make it mean anything about me anymore,

The comment was in Bulgarian(I guess the man who commented can't write in...

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Day 5: Biz Revamp - Wrapping it Up!


Hello friends, if you’ve been following this thread, by now: 

You know what your business does.

You know why you’re in this business.

You know who the people you serve are.

You know what their problem is.

You know what offer you make to help them solve their problem. 

The next steps to wrap this week up, is to ask yourself the following questions: 

Where do my people hang out online?

How can I connect & engage with them?

What do they need right now? What I can...

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