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Craft Your Next 12 mo. BIZ Money-Making MAP using This 8-Tier Framework Part 3 of 3

 Today we’re finishing strong on what we’ve started in episodes 5 and 6, and we’ll knock down the rest of those 8 tiers, so you have a clear map where to go in the next 12-months from now.

Moving on to Tier # 5: which is to Declare you Next 12 months Money Goal.

This part will be short and sweet.

I want you to just write down in your notebook the following.

“It’s __________( the date and time 12 months from now)

and I have created $ __________ gross income in my business.”

The number I declare is $ _____________________.

I’m sure that you already have a number in mind, don’t overthink it and put it in the blanks and keep this paper somewhere you can see it.

I’ll have more episodes in the future talking about goals and how to set and hit them, but for now, I want you to just decide and go.

Here are some tips if you are still confused what number to put in there.

If you’re just starting brand new, you might want to put $ 50,000.

If you’re starting this as a new business but you’ve been in the business, and you can invest in more marketing to help you grow faster, you can put $ 100K.

If you already made your $ 100K, you go and double this number, and put $ 200K…

And if you‘re at $ 200K or more, I want you to double the amount you’ve made last year. 

Because I’ve found that the hardest to do is your first $ 100K, after that you can streamline & scale it especially when working side by side with a mentor to help through the process.

Moving to Tier- 6. Now we’re going to make a decision based on all we did so far, the data from the past, what we dreamed of, the money goal we set, and the money and lead generation opportunities we have, we’ll make a decision on the HOW.

How are you going to get to make the $ amount you have just declared ???

In order to do that, I want you to go back to your notebook and look at Tier- #3, where you’ve narrowed down your top 3-5 money making opportunities and your 3-5 lead generation opportunities, and make a final decision about the actual projects, campaigns, promotions, experiences you’ll have on your next 12 months calendar to implement.

Before you make a decision, I want you to check with yourself and the way it makes you feel inside when you go through each one of these projects on your list.

Do you feel good about them? Are you excited to dive in and work on them? 

Again, remember, not to go into the HOW yet.

That will come later when you actually sit down, begin to strategize and decide your plan of action. 

Right now we are just planning, so let go of the “how” and stay focused here! 

Review both your 3-5 project lists in Tier 3 and ask yourself, 

“Are these the projects I truly want to commit to focus on in next 12 months from now?” 

If the answer is “Yes!” (even if they scare you, that’s OK and normal!)  Go for it!!! Keep listening and doing the work because I’ll walk you through the next step, Tier-7.

If the answer is “I’m not sure yet!” then I want you to start over and listen to this recording again, go back to go back to Tier 3 and re-work your project list until you feel good about moving forward. 

It’s OK to take some extra time here, it’s worth it!

Let me give you a Tip: Try to Keep things simple. 

The point here is not to do everything but to decide on just a few ways in which you will generate revenue and then do those few things really well — over and over again throughout the year. 

Remember: Less is more.

Let me give you a hint:

Let’s say you’re a coach that is just starting and want to make $ 50,000 in the next 12 months.

The simplest way is to just get 10 1:1 clients at $ 2500 coach them for 6 months and then sign up 10 more to coach till the rest of the year.

Or only have 10 clients and coach them for the entire 12 months at $ 5000.

This way you launch and sign them all at once and you don’t need to be launching and prospecting for new clients all the time.

Also, you can add some affiliate programs that compliment your coaching and give an additional value to your clients that you can offer and make extra passive income.


Let me give you another example here, let’s say you’re a coach who has a full  booked 1:1 practice and you are ready to scale it to a group program or a mastermind.

Last year you made your $ 100K and your next 12 mo. goal is $ 200K.

You want to work only with 5 clients 1:1 at $10,000 rate high end coaching, and you want to launch a 12 month  group mastermind program at $ 5000 per year and you want to get 30 clients on board which will make up your $ 200K.

There are so many ways to do it. You decide. You’re the only one in charge.

Stop the recording, do the work and when you come back we’ll get to the next step.

Moving on to Tier "Numero" 7: 

This is where you put those projects on your calendar.

I want you to put everything on the calendar, your personal and business projects:

  1.  Decide on your launch date for the group mastermind. Add it in phases, pre-launch dates, webinars, challenges dates, cart open, cart close… depending on your launch method.
  2. Schedule your vacation days and put them on this calendar.
  3. Take notes of upcoming holidays and the business around them,, elections days… I also recommend that don’t launch during this time of the year. Make sure to put a couple of days or even weeks off after a big launch.
  4. Any affiliate promotions you’re doing, put them on the list.

Listen, we’re almost done with this process…. 

Now I want you to look back at your calendar and check back with yourself and how does it all make you feel?

Do you have enough white space between projects, and if you already feel overwhelmed, ask yourself, what needs to change?  Or take some things off.

Remember less is more, make it simple to align with your life not the other way around.

Ask yourself if you gave yourself enough time to work on the pre-launch promotions, on creating your group program.. Etc. 

if not… adjust..

And if you need to start over from the beginning, this is the time to do it, because you don’t want to be in the middle of a launch and find out that you didn't give yourself enough time and you end up burning out or even quitting it all.

If you feel in your gut that it looks good, then commit to stick to the calendar 90 % of the time. You GOT THIS!

And the final tier is to ask yourself and be really honest with yourself, who do you need to be to get all of this pulled out?

What new habits you need to adopt and what habits you need to let go of?

What do you need to tell yourself when you get stuck or when things get hard, have a plan ahead of time because it’s not going to be all daisies and roses, and you want to be prepared for moments like that when your monkey brain will tell you to change the course and do something else instead, or that is not going to be working and make you fail before you even tried, or that someone else out there is already doing it…

So, you need to put a plan in place what you’ll do when this happens, because it will.

Are you going to hire a coach to keep you focused and help you overcome those obstacles,

Or do you have a process you go through and self-coach yourself to help you with that?

Make sure you keep your what and why close by to remind you what you’re doing and what you’re doing in the first place.

I think that will do it for now. And I want to wrap this up.

I promise to come back to these 3 episodes towards the end of the year and update them and come with a workbook, or even create a planning workshop to help you even more, but for starters that will do it for now.

Progress not Perfection is my mantra.

I really hope this was helpful. Thanks for your time listening to me, and I’ll talk to you next Wednesday at the same time right here.




You aren’t sure how and where to start this exciting business that you’ve been dreaming of and are actually feeling confused in indecision mode because there-are-so-many-option-to-choose-from-and-you-do-no-know-which-is-the-right-decision and you feel overwhelmed with a never-ending list of to-do’s.

You’re not sure what to work on every day. Somehow this flexible schedule that was supposed to give you freedom has taken over your life and you don’t see a way out.




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