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Okay, Stephanie, I want to welcome you to my first interview, to my new podcast. And I'm sorry to reveal that you accepted this invitation and let's go. So I wanted to ask you first to tell my listeners who you are, what do you do help and where in the world you're joining us from? Yes.

Well, hello, my sweet friend. Hi, everybody listening in I'm Stephanie gas and I'm joining you guys from terrorists, New Mexico. It's right outside of Albuquerque and it is just the best place. I love it. We have all four seasons here. And so that's where I'm calling in from. I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a Jesus lover. I love to work from home in my PJ's. I drink a little too much coffee and I'm just, I'm this, I call myself an introverted extrovert. So I'm here. Like I love people, but then I like to go in my corner and like read books at the same time. So it's a little bit about me. And then what do I do? So I help the faith, led woman figure out what she's called to do, because I believe that we are all born with a purpose.

We are all born with this plan that we are destined to fulfill, but it's super hard to know what is that plan and what am I supposed to do? So I help these women get clarity on their calling. Then I help them walk out that calling work so that they can do good in the world, which what that means is for me, for my women, creating an online business so that they can impact and serve while being present for their kids. Because a lot of my market is you know, 30 to 45 has have children and really want to build this business in a way that's not consuming their life. Right? And, and even beyond that, helping women who are like, Hey, I don't want to work 60 hour weeks. I don't want to build this thing 24 seven. I want to do it in a passive revenue way, which is why I teach my clients to use podcasting and passive income courses to then build this business out. So that is what I do. I run a podcast I coach, right. So I work with violet and it's just super fun. I it's, it's cool. Cause I feel like my life, my business now is kind of a dream from what it used to be.

Yeah. And actually let me tell you, you probably heard Stephanie said that, that she's my collage oddity and cast car and talking about clarity. That has been my biggest struggle. Even I've been in business for probably over 28 years and two continents in four different industries. But because I'm multi-passionate, that has been the biggie and that's how I found Stephanie and [inaudible] helped me get clarity. What I wanted in my next season in life, which is midlife because I, as I said, I'm multi-passionate so I just want her now to share with you guys, my listeners, if you are, multi-passionate like myself and you, if you feel stuck where you are right now, you don't know what your next step should be, what you want to do. What's your purpose. I just want her to share with you her secrets, how she helps her ladies store finds what they want to do next in life.

Yeah, absolutely. So, and let me start by saying clarity is an evolution, right? We don't wake up one day and say, Oh, I got it. I know what I meant to do. And it makes perfect sense. The way that it works is you get a semblance of clarity. You get a direction. And once you have a direction, you have to start walking in that direction in order for God to fine tune your steps for, for the clients you work with to bring you clues about what's next. And often we sit back and we wait, when's the ultimate clarity gonna come. And instead of moving and leaping and taking messy action, and then letting the clarity refine and become more and more clear. So, you know, like violet said, it's been years for her, even decades of figuring out what this purpose is, but she's so close and she's walking in it.

And for me, it's been nine years of being a full-time entrepreneur. I didn't just wake up and say, Oh my goodness, I'm a clarity coach and a podcasting coach. And this is who I help. That was born through a lot of hard trial and error. So if those of you that you're going to hear me give you four steps right now, you're going to go through these four steps. It's not going to change. It's not going to just completely transform your life. You have to take those four steps and then take messy action. You have to step out in faith because the clarity is going to come when you do. So I'm going to put in that there. Okay. Everyone. So let's start with these four steps. So the first thing that we do that I do with all of my clients, when we go through this clarity worker, whether you take my clarity course is we began with discovery because your experience lit experiences, leave clues, the things you've been through and the things that are inherent to your heart, your passions, your gifts, your skills, those things leave clues.

So the first step you guys can all get a piece of paper right now. Or if you go to Stephanie gas.com, I have a freebie. You can download called the four steps to clarify your calling. But the very first step is discovery. So on a blank sheet of paper, you're just going to write down on the left side of the paper, your passions, okay? Just write down your passions. Now, what are passions, passions, or things that light you up every day, you wake up like violet wakes up and thinks about online marketing. You guys. I am not kidding. She loves it. She's like funnels and email marketing, like woo freebies. I'm like, no, that is not a passion of mine. I wake up every day and I think about podcasting and spreading like I spreading good for God's kingdom. Like that's what I wake up about every single day in my, you know, so everyone's different with the passion.

So you're going to write down those things that light you up. Now you want three to five things on this, on this list. Then I want you to put them in order from greatest to least step two on the right side of the paper, you're going to write your skills. Now, what are skills? Skills are things that you're good at tactically. So think about your jobs. Think about the things that you've done. Like are you a great writer? That's a skill. Are you a great speaker? That's a skill. Are you a great friend? A great listener. Those are skills. Are you a great parent? Are you a great spouse? Are you, are you great at organization? Those things to me are skills. Now can a skill be the same as a passion? Sure. You could be great at organizing and also be passionate about organizing.

Awesome. To me, that means that's a big clue as to who you are. All right, so you're going to do that. That's step one, write it on your paper. You guys can pause this episode, do that right now with us. Great. All right, we're going to move to step two. The next thing you're going to do is you are going to define the brand. So what we do next is in my clarify, your calling course, we look at those things and we plug them into this formula. We don't have time to do all of that today, but what I'm going to have you do is think about when you look at the skills and the passions, where are the common denominators inside of this package. And the other things you can look at are your life experiences. So what trials have you walked through? And then what victories have you had in your life?

What have you overcome? Right. So when we look at violet, for example, you know, her passions and skills are online marketing and email marketing, and also empowering others to, to grow these businesses and to help them. She has this really big calling to also work with you, to hold your hand, to build these businesses out and to Cisse tech tech, as a skill that violet has. Okay. all of that business savvy, she's got strategy, business strategy. So as we look at violet and we plug her into these buckets, just as a visual for you guys, we're starting to see this emerge. Well, when we think about the trials by let's walk through, she was an immigrant, she had to learn English. She had to take her children with her to clean homes, right? Violet, like you had these trials that refined you and that helped you understand hard work and that helped you understand adversity.

And that helped you understand that you are an overcomer. And the reason that violet now can use that in this business is because she's helping other midlife entrepreneurs push through the fear, push through the pain, take action on building these online businesses. So when we look at violet, we can see how all four buckets of what she's been through of who she is. It creates the brand she's doing right now, which is helping midlife entrepreneurs grow and start businesses online. It perfectly comes together. Do you guys see how that might work? I'll give you one more example. Do you want to say anything yet, violet, or is all this making please on? Okay, so I'm going to give you another example. So let's say that you some of your, some of your passions are fitness and healthy eating and holistic living, and then your skills are writing and blogging.

Okay? And then your life experiences are that you healed, let's say you healed a gut issue by using health and fitness, and then your victories are that you've helped other people now with holistic living. If you look at all of that, you really see clearly that this brand has already emerged for you, this calling work. And here's the thing often you're calling work is not your job that you're already doing. So let's say that this person is in a corporate job. That's okay. She can still build a blog is what I would recommend for her. Since she loves writing about health, fitness, and holistic living, let's say it's like the healthy, holistic mama.com, easy peasy. She starts blogging. And then she can help these people through the blog. Once a week, an hour of her time, a week to fulfill the calling work, the purpose work while she does her job.

I never recommend to my clients to quit your job. You got to get paid while you build the dream business. So that's another example now, for those of you who are like, Oh my goodness, I have a million things on this list. None of them tie together. I love fishing and my children. And I love being a lawyer at like, if your stuff is all over the place, that's where I really recommend I have a course or we can do coaching together because it's, you got to find the common denominator within the different pieces. And that's where the clarity work comes in. Because sometimes when you're, multi-passionate, it's hard to see through the weeds, but I promise you this out of the hundreds and hundreds of people I've worked with, there's always a common denominator if you're looking for the clues. All right. Yeah. Anything by little map? No.

And just you had explaining everything step by step. And I hope if someone wants to go back and stop the recording and relisten, but also I wanted to say that Stephanie has this four steps, a blueprint, like a guide that you can download. And I'm going to put that in the show notes. So you can go and check that out and and go from there. And I wanted to ask you next. So let's say this person downloaded your freebie. They have a pretty good idea about their passions, their skills and their top three to five. As you said, you gain clarity as when you take actions and you never know DNA right from the beginning, but at least, you know, the direction you're going. So let's say they're kind of pretty clear about it. So what would be the next step for them? Let's say they're they want to start a business out of that. They want to align that passion skills and their sweet spot with what they want to do in life. And they want to monetize.

Totally. So you're like, okay, here's my thing. But now I want to make it a full-time gig eventually. And I want to make money from this thing. So the very next step, which is actually step three in this whole process, it's figuring out who your person is. Thank you for asking, because it's exactly aligned with this next step. Let me tell you something that will change your life. Are you guys listening? Write this down, running a business, creating something that's going to be profitable and make impact means it is not about you let that sink in for a minute. This work that we're all doing here. It's not about you. It's about your person. It's about your avatar. It's about your ICA, whatever you want to call it, I call my Lola it's whoever that your person is, that you're called to help. So when you look at this brand that you have kind of mapped out, even if it's messy and unclear, you know, when violin and I are sitting here doing her, her business and we were creating it.

And we said, this is for this midlife entrepreneur. We had to get to know you. All of you listening right now. We know you. We know what it feels like to want to start something, but you're going, is it too late? What would I do? I don't understand the tech. I don't understand how to market now. I don't want to be on all the social media apps. I don't understand how to set up an email marketing funnel and you're overwhelmed and you're frustrated and you're stuck and violet, and I wish super deep getting to know you, all of you listening right now so that she could start this podcast. So that's what you have to do. What are you going to do? And then who are you going to serve? And you got to go super, super, super deep here. Write out on a sheet of paper.

Who is your person? What are they like? What are their problems? What are they Googling? What are they searching for? Write it all down because that now is how you help them. Which brings me to the next one. Step four, which is you have to have long form content. So what does this mean? Long form content. In my opinion, there are three options. Number one, writing, you can blog. Cool. You got to serve them for free guys. You can not show up with a course and just make money. It's not going to work unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to just run ads. Okay? Like, let's just be really honest here. It's really about serve someone so they can trust you and then they'll want to work with you. So you've got a blog and give and serve and help. That's an option.

One, option two is video. If you're a video human and you love being on video and that's just your jam, do YouTube. Okay. That's great. Or option three is audio podcasting, which is my favorite. And which is what I teach. Why do I teach this? Because I have little kids. They come in then when I'm doing videos and they're like, mom, I pooped. And I'm like, really? Like right now, I'm doing a video. Okay. So the video never really was working for me and the TA and the writing. I'm just not really a natural writer, but like I can speak all day. So I knew that audio was the right vessel for me. Now you have to test if that's not right for everyone, you guys have to test what's right for you. So what is right in your heart as your outlet, and then number two, where is your person hanging out?

Are they reading blogs? Are they watching YouTube videos or are they listening? That matters? You know, when we think of Violet's person all of you, you guys are here on this podcast right now, you're busy, right? You are probably listening more than you are reading blogs. Now, if somebody is on, if somebody is teaching arts and crafts crafting, they might consider doing blogging AR or video. Right. Cause they're showing something to their audience. So you gotta think about that. So what I teach is podcasting. And now why does podcasting work to build a whole business? You're like stuff. I don't make money. Podcasting. I'm not gonna make any money with that. That's going to take all this time. Like can't I just create something and sell it. Okay, sure. Who are you going to sell it to BU right? Like you gotta, you have to have an audience to sell to, and you want an audience.

That's a lifer audience. You want an audience who is loyal. So for me, I have this podcast. I podcast twice a week. My audience is there every single Monday and Thursday with me, I'm their friend. They know me. They're like in my DMS, like Steph your last episode, like we've been best friends for 20 years, you know? And it's because of my show. Well, because of my podcast, I sell my courses on the podcast. People, they just go by it. I don't have funnels. I don't do paid marketing. I don't have to sell it anywhere else. But my podcast, because my people already trust me over there. And I just go straight to the link, Hey, head to blah, blah, blah.com and buy the thing. And they're like, cool. I'm buy the thing cause they trust me. So those of you, you have to get in your mind if you want to sell and make money with what you're doing, the first question is, well, how do I start for free and help?

How do I get them a transformation for free that's number one, number two. How do I have long form content where they'll trust me? And then number three, how do I create a product? Now we're getting into monetization. How you make money here? The then the last step is how do I solve this person's problem with a paid offer? It can be a course. My favorite because they're passive. It can be coaching. Great. It can be a program, group, coaching, a book, journals, a worksheet. It could be anything that you want that will solve their problems. And you just sell it right there in your long form contents.

Thank you so much. And it just, you said it though. My next question was actually to ask you how you're so successful in your online business without having to pay for Facebook ads and Instagram ads and just using traditional sales funnel. But you already explained that. So you have your podcast, right? Where you attract your tribe, your people, you give value, you serve them. And then from there you create more resources that they're paid and they go and buy them. And that's how you create passive income. And you want to say to someone who feels like podcasting is what they would like to do. I know that you are having actually, I I'm part of this podcast pro university. I bought this program, but I know you've got done another one, a mastermind podcast to profit. So I'm going to put all of this information in the show notes again, but can you tell us about this programs you are offering [inaudible] for like the first one and the second? Yeah.

Okay. So here at here, there are three steps I believe. So step one is you have to have clarity. You have to have it. You can't start a podcast. Like you need me to remind them. I'll talk about shoes today and fitness tomorrow, because you're not going to attract anybody. We have to have a niche. We have to have a demographic. We have to know who we're talking to. So step one is clarify your calling course that I have, which violet has her special links below for you guys. Please use those links in the show notes. Okay. And so, and I will say that this course is, does have faith infused into it. So we are working week one on identity in Christ. So just putting that out there in case you are not a faith or spiritual person that is inside of this course.

So that step one, clarify your calling. That's 30 days, it's a passive course that you go on your own and you're working through four steps of brand creation. You walk away title, tagline, description, content ideas, who am I serving? It's full immersion of like, what is this calling work you're meant to do? Once you get that done, you move to step two, which is starting the podcast. This is how we grow an audience, evergreen, organic timeless. And that is podcast pro university. It's below for you guys. This one's going to take you 30 days or so, but it's like this one is very tactical. This course how to record, how to edit, how to market, how to get visibility, SEO, all of it. How to create the show. I mean, 100% you go from, I have an idea of my clarity to, I need to grow an audience.

This is the course for you. This is step two. And I will tell you, let me be really honest. I did blogging YouTube, social media and ads for three full years. And it was super slow compared to my very first year of podcasting. My brand exploded. I had over 100,000 new people in the community. My revenue was like 10 X. It was insane. But it was because I found the right vessel for me, which was using my voice. I was super consistent. I said, I will not look up for a year. I am going, I am here. I am laser focused on my Lola, my person. And that's all I'm going to do. And that is why it exploded because what you focus on will grow what you put your heart and soul into will flourish. So pick your thing and go, all right, step three.

In the final step is to monetize your podcast. You're like, I want Stephanie's model. I want to work 30 hours a week. I want a podcast. I want passive courses or coaching. That is my mastermind program. It's an advanced mastermind for podcasters. This is podcast to profit and we only take 20 women at a time. And right now it's just women. Sorry, guys love you. Anyway. There's lots of value for you on my podcast. Okay. But the podcast to profit program is going to teach you SEO, scaling your podcast, how to get it to rank visibility, and then creating a course and how to evergreen market. That course just like I do on the show in your Facebook groups, et cetera. So those are the three steps and then you just got to get to work.

Wow. Wow. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you Stephanie so much. And as I said, I'm going to put everything in the show notes, all the links to what we have mentioned here. And of course, if you want more of Stephanie and listen to her podcast, she'll tell you now where you can find her, I guess, website, then the podcast.

So you guys can come check me out at the Stephanie gas show, the podcast or Stephanie gas.com and lots and lots of gold over there. Hours of coaching, hours of training for that faith led entrepreneur clarity, work, podcasting, growing an entrepreneur business. And I can't wait to meet you.

Thank you so much. I appreciate you showing up for me. So fun.

Thank you for having me.






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