How to Keep Going Even When You Want to QUIT?

In this episode, we’ll go over the # 1 thing I see many entrepreneurs do, myself included when it comes to sticking to your decisions and commitments till the finish line, and what I do when my brain is telling me to quit before I even go there

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Before I get started, I wanted to make a little confession here and get out of the BS.. Lately I’ve been feeling a little lost and overwhelmed especially since I said that I’ll podcast 2 x a week. And even thinking about quitting doing it because my monkey mind was telling me what's the point, no one will listen to you, etc...which is why I wanted to bring this topic for you today because I’m pretty pretty sure that if I am experiencing this, you most likely are experiencing it too. Because we are humans with thoughts and feelings. When I started practicing being more aware of my thoughts and feelings couple of years ago, I started noticing the following pattern going on: I am extremely multi passionate person and When I got a new BIZ idea, I always made a decision to pursue it right away out of my excitement, and always started very strong, motivated, all in, and then somewhere in a middle, another big idea came to me that I thought it’s even better, and I got distracted thinking about it, and then slowly I was convincing myself that the first project I was working on somehow it’s no longer good enough, and it won’t work, and starting fresh with this new idea it will the best thing to do, even when I didn’t have any data yet to support my opinion that the project I was working on it’s not working because I hadn't even finished it yet nor launched it out there for the world to see and to have the data to support this decision. So, I started noticing how this pattern was not serving me, I was spinning in a hamster wheel, wasting so much time, energy and money, and I was not getting the results I wanted, I might have gotten some results but not what I knew I was capable of. What I was doing is I was falling ahead of time before I got to the finish line. I was changing my mind so often that there was no way to know if something was working and instead of articulating clearly my message, I was confusing people even more. So, I decided that I needed to find a way to deal with this when it occurred because I found that this is something that we as humans are experiencing that was coming out from our primitive brain, but there was a way we could deal with it. I already was using this tool called The Model from Brooke Castillo and the Life Coach School. I was part of their Scholars Program, and this is what actually helped me to become even aware of it first because before that, I was doing it by default without even noticing what was going on on a subconscious level, I was operating my life and business out of reacting to my emotions instead of being in control and acting out of the data that was supporting this decision or out of a commitment that I have made to myself. And then I’ve learned that quitting was giving us, humans, a false pleasure, it was giving us temporary relief at the time we quit, and that most of us didn’t call it even quitting, because we always had a reason or an excuse to justify it. Are you following so far? And this is what I wanted to share with you today and give you an example of how I shifted from wanting to quit my podcasting journey to shifting back to wanting to continue with it. It starts with the process I use to make decisions in my life and business, and that I used when I was deciding to start a Podcast in the first place. What I did is go back to my notes I made back in December when I decided to start this podcast, and as a part of my process, I had a step where I actually had planned what I’ll do when a moment like this occurs, because knowing my patterns I knew that it will but I had planned ahead of time how to deal with it when it happens. The key for me was to always be aware of what I was thinking and feeling, and catch it before I go and do something crazy that I was going to regret. And in moments like this when I wanted to change commitments that I’ve made to myself, out of reacting to the way I felt that certain day, to always remind myself first to check where my thoughts and emotions were. Also, it’s important in moments like that, to accept and love yourself without any judgements or blame, and to remind yourself to go and check your original plan, your reason for making this commitment and falling in love with it again. So, I went back to those notes from December and after reading and reminding myself of why I’ve decided and committed to start this podcast, my feelings and energy have shifted up, and I was back excited to continue on this journey. Because I’ve learned my lesson, and nowadays I’m in a habit to keep the notes of the big commitments I make close by, so I can always refer to them when needed as in this case. I’ve learned that our human brains need to be constantly reminded of it, because by default they forget, but the good thing is we can change that if we wanted to. Anyhow, Here is what I’ve found in my December notes: First, let me tell you my process when I’m about to make a big decision, I always ask myself WHY and Why is that important? Question pattern, in order to help me find my reason, and if I actually loved it. Have you tried this exercise yet? The way it works is you ask why do I want to do this first, and then keep asking why that's important? question to every other answer you give yourself down the chain and keep asking it … until you get really to the bottom of it… and what I have discovered looking at my December notes in regards to starting a podcast was that, I wanted to create a community of like minded midlifepreneurs, where everyone who can relate and contribute is welcome, it’s inclusive to all genders, nationalities, races, who are in this new season of their lives, who are in business for themselves or who want to start a business, they are all welcome to sit at the table. We talk about business, online marketing, money, health, mindset and ways to blend it with midlife style. I also wanted to be able to challenge myself and go on audio, and overcome my fears of being rejected, because I was speaking with an accent, and to be able to express myself freely as the way I am, using my English voice. So, after I reminded myself of my reason, I found it still very relevant, and my energy immediately shifted, and the idea of quitting disappeared altogether, but now when it comes back, because I know it will, I’ll use the same method to turn it around. And to be honest, at the moment this idea of building a community seems too lofty, and too big to swallow, and I don’t even know how exactly I’m going to pull this off, but if you think about it, every other community has started from zero, so my commitment today is to just keep going and see where it goes. I’ll just keep producing at least 1 episode per week, 2 might be a little stretch but I’ll try to do it for a month and see if I can batch them in a day if I keep them short. This will be my new season of life project and I’m deciding right at this moment not to have any expectations or attachments to the outcome as far as monetizing it at this stage. If it happens, it will be awesome but I won’t hold any attachment to that at this stage. I’ll share my own wisdom from 28+ years in business for myself in 4 industries on 2 continents, and transitioning from brick and mortar business to full time freelancer in the last 4 years, and finally making a bold decision to go all into freelancing, I will help you make your own life and business decisions and choices easier, motivate you, inspire and empower you with some ideas and tools, and of course I am available for hire if you need to pick my brain and skills. I’m also planning to bring more guests to talk to you not just about business but about health, mindset, beauty, midlife lifestyle, and anything else that I think might be beneficial to this community as we grow stronger. I really think we all need the support of each other because entrepreneurship and midlife added to it is not a joke. With that said, I am wrapping this episode. Take care and stay safe. 





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