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How to Position yourself as the RE Expert in your market?

You don't need to have a PHD in Real Estate to be an Expert.

You don't need to be The #1 Agent, The #1 Top Producer, The # 1..this and that.  

When some credentials might be helpful in your about section, marketing yourself with this kind of ego marketing, in my opinion, might hurt more than help your marketing.

Listen, people don’t really CARE if you’re the Top Agent in our office, they care to get help in the most effective way, so they can move on with their lives.

The New Modern way to Market yourself is to show your personality, be authentic and tell your truth when of course you also provide tons of value for your audience.

Because no matter what we’ve been bombarded with from marketers out there, after all…You are the Best Lead Magnet to Your Customers!!! 

Because people want to work with people who they believe will be the best to help them get the results they want, but also they want to work with people who they feel they can trust and relate to on a personal level.

Let’s talk about how to set up yourself as the go to person when it comes to real estate? 

In my opinion, there are ONLY 2 Things you need to Master.

N.1: Speak the language of your clients/customers aka the language of results and get them really excited about what you offer. 

N.2: Teach people something really valuable to them.

You’ll say: “ Ok, that sounds simple but how do I do it?”

Demonstrate the following qualities in your online and social media marketing:

  • Knowledge about the local area and the current market condition.
  • Educate the public about all the steps needed when buying, selling or investing in real estate.
  • Be honest, truthful & professional.
  • Demonstrate how hiring you will help them save their time while they get the best deal possible in this market  with no hassle. 
  • Show your personality and speak your truth.{ trying to be someone you're not is not going to help you in a long run}. Be you.

It's Your Turn Now!

Get a Notebook and start jotting anything that comes to mind in the next week or till you get to read Part 2 of these mini blog series.

Here are some prompts and questions to ask yourself & journal about it that might help.

How to find what the language of your clients is?

Listen to what your clients are saying.

Ask them.

Look at the comments of non-agents in your community, when they talk about buying, selling or investing in real estate, the language they are using.

{ NOTE: We assume that what we know is common knowledge, therefore we use our real estate agents language, but we’re WRONG! Most people have no idea, so our job is to articulate it to them as we’re to explain it to a 4th grader}

What can you teach your audience, who possibly will either become a client or tell someone about you? 

Brainstorm topics that you think will be valuable to the people who you want to help.

While you explore their language when you talk to them in person, on social media or on-the phone, jot down issues or questions they ask you on a regular basis, and then start creating content around that.

Think simple, step by step solutions to help them with their problem.

Below are some examples to help your brain juices going:

  • How to tell if a seller is motivated? 
  • What's the difference between pre-qualification and pre- approval? 
  • Explain the entire mortgage pre-approval process. 
  • What is the role of a title company in a real estate transaction? 
  • What is the role of a mortgage company in real estate? What is the role of a real estate agent in a real estate transaction? 
  • What is the role of an appraiser in a real estate transaction?
  • What is the role of an inspector in a real estate transaction?
  • What is the role of Homeowner’s Insurance? 
  • List of relocation 
  • F.A.Q. Foreclosure 
  • F.A.Q. Short sales 
  • F.A.Q. HUD Homes 
  • F.A.Q. Bankruptcy 
  • F.A.Q. Share experiences that you’ve had with professionals in the industry (loan officers, title reps, etc.). Relocation resource list. 
  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO) F.A.Q.
  • Explain and Compare Pros and Cons for Rent vs. Buy. Explain and Compare Pros and Cons for Sell vs. Rent.

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Thanks for reading and your comments and suggestions are always greatly appreciated here.




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