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Where you WON’T find clients?

Yesterday I was talking with new agents online and one of the them was so concerned about not being able to get the mailing address for a person she met on-line, and wanted to find out how she can do that.

When I asked her why is this so important to her, she said that she wanted to have it, so she can send them a Thank you card and a business card, and have the complete details in her CRM ( Client Relationship Manager) for future use.

…which made me think and question why we as agents are so good of overcomplicating things when it could be very simplewe just need to focus on the things that actually make us money?

Insteadwe put our main focus & energy working on our websites, our social media profiles, making everything pretty and perfect, designing our business cards, signing for more training and challenges, listening to real estate gurus podcasts, watching YouTube videos, consuming more and more…. and yet having no sales and nothing to show for in our real estate business.

Why we do it?

Because we've been told by the society that we need to hustle our way to success, work hard, stay busy... and the above actions make us feel busy, working hard, checking out our to do list, we feel very productive and all... but the HARSH truth is: Working More Does *NOT* Mean we are Deserving of More!

We aren't magically handed the results and the success we all want in our businesses, simply because we worked hard and sacrificed. (sorry)

And that’s because success for a real estate agent has absolutely NOTHING to do with our work ethic or our effort, despite what anyone might tell us.

Yet if you continue to measure your productivity by how long and how intense you worked yesterday, it’s an unsustainable path straight to burnout. How do I know it?

Because I'm my best Case Study!

In reality: Most real estate agents struggle NOT because they aren’t willing to WORK HARDER and WORK LONGER, but because they aren’t willing to get to work on the HARD THINGS.

Here is the 3 Step Formula, we as agents should ingrain in our businesses and do all the time in order to stay in business and:

Step 1: Meet as many people as possible.

( just be in their space)

Step 2. Tell them that you’re an agent.

( don’t be a secret agent)

Step 3: Make offers to help them.

( Free & Paid)

You'll say, that's great but how?

Pick Only 1-3 Things from the list below and focus only on them, create a plan, stick to it in the next 30 days, evaluate, tweak if needed, rinse and repeat for the next 30 days:

  • Your database (this is always my # 1).
  • Your email list (email them weekly w/ something valuable to them).
  • Social media posts/lives/videos talking to your ideal client problem and your solution to help them solve it.
  • Join local on-line groups (where your ideal client might be hanging out on-line - Facebook, LinkedIn, Next-door, etc.)
  • Online Networking Events (everyone moved on-line nowadays).
  • Start a Blog, Podcast, YouTube Channel
  • Create  Free Offers: Live Zoom Call for Home Evaluation Sessions; First time Home Buyer Session; etc. 
  • Create a Lead Magnet( Home Buyer Webinar, X_ steps to buy a home pdf,  etc.) to get them on your email list and start nurturing them till they are ready to be helped..
  • Calling FSBO & Expired
  • Zillow & Realtor Leads
  • Advertising: FB, IG, Google 

HINT: Choose the ONE that works and aligns best with your personality and values.

I guarantee that you’ll start seeing results if you implement at least 1 of the ideas above, stay focused for the next 30 days ( it’s critical that you don't change your original plan, and go after more ideas, distractions, buying more training or other shiny objects).

Let me know in the comments how it goes if you decide to do it.




You aren’t sure how and where to start this exciting business that you’ve been dreaming of and are actually feeling confused in indecision mode because there-are-so-many-option-to-choose-from-and-you-do-no-know-which-is-the-right-decision and you feel overwhelmed with a never-ending list of to-do’s.

You’re not sure what to work on every day. Somehow this flexible schedule that was supposed to give you freedom has taken over your life and you don’t see a way out.




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