Your First Sales Funnel DONE in Less than 5 -MIN

As I promised in the last episode, today I’ll give you an example of a simple marketing funnel that you can create in less than 5 min without tech for your coaching or other service based business. 

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P.S. As many of you are aware, February is a Black History Month and I wanted to invite you to donate to a great cause that I was invited by one of my mentors. 

Donate at least $ 50 to Carrie’s Touch. 

Their credo is: “She is clothed with dignity and strength.”

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Let’s create businesses we love to lead even in midlife. Life is good!

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I see a lot of you struggling with your online marketing either because you are doing everything yourselves and have no support at all, or because you don’t have a rock solid plan, or because you underestimate the planning and the time that you need to put in upfront in order to have a simple & streamlined process to allow you to stay consistent with your marketing. 

That’s why I wanted to go and review my process again so you can try it out.

I used to be all over the place in my real estate business first staying organized not just with my marketing but also with my clients files, my schedule, my to do list. I was a complete disaster which caused me to burn out in 2010 and quit my 6-figure BIZ and find a job because it was not fun even when I was making the money.

Anyhow, since then I started getting more and more efficient in every area in my life, and I’m not saying that it’s 100% perfect all the time but it allows me to get things done in half of the time that I used to.

And the way I achieved it was to start creating and then implementing simple systems for everything I did not just in my business but in my life, because our business is part of it, and if we look at it separately it just is not going to work.

And the 5 steps I mentioned last time are the ones I also use within each small project I work on.

And as I said before, in order for us to show up in front of more of our ideal target audience consistently, so we create this know, like and trust factor, we need to really have a plan, a strategy behind what content we create, and why we create it and does it give your ideal person value, and how we can do it on a consistent basis.

And today I wanted to walk you through those 5 Steps again, and how it looks like when creating my marketing strategy for any project I want to get in front of more people and get them to opt-in to my list or just simply get on a call with me.  And I’ll give you an example at the end.


  • I always start with the end in mind. What is the mission/ the goal of this piece of content I create? What is the value they get from it  and what I want them to do at the end? 
  • I always think about my person and ask myself about my ideal person's struggles, where they are on their journey now & where they want to be? 
  • I ask myself what are the milestones they need to step on in order to get from where they are today to where they want to be in order to bridge the gap? 
  • I ask myself what is the vehicle I have or can create to help them bridge that gap or how is my current offer aligns with helping them to do that? 
  • Then I go and create my offer, my funnel, my marketing and I test it out, This is what I call a Launch, and I’ll talk about what is a Launch most likely in my next episode.

Let’s say you’re a health coach and you’re just starting out, you have no website, no tech skills and you know that you can help 1 person today.

Step 1 will be Your End Goal is to Have Your Ideal Person to Book a FREE Consultation with You to see if you can help them and if you’re a good fit to work together.

Step 2 will be to ask yourself where your ideal person is right now and where they want to be, so let’s say that they are struggling with the fat accumulation in their midsection after they turned 45, and they want to find a way to lose it and be in shape again.

Step 3 will be what are the milestones for your ideal client to get the result they want? This is actually where you create your coaching program framework and how you'll be helping them if they decide to work with you..

Step 4 will be the vehicle that will help them bridge the gap and have the transformation they want, which will be your coaching program.

Step 5 will be to create a content addressing their pain points, and how your step by step system will help them solve it, and then how they can schedule a call with you.

And the good news is knowing this, you can actually create a Simple Funnel that you can create in less than 5 minutes without any TECH for your 1:1 Health Coaching BIZ, so you don’t waste time building websites yet, you focus on getting yourself in front of more people, telling them what you do and how you help and telling them how they can work with you when they are ready.

And the funnel might look as simple as this: 

You write a Social Media Post addressing their problem, talk about one of the milestones of your solution and at the end just asking them to DM you to set a coffee chat and see if you can help with their situation.

It could be as simple as this before you spend all of those time buying into programs and software when you’re just starting out. Your focus should be to start making money.

Once again, If you want to download my Launch Map, go to

 And if you want to get on a coffee chat with me just DM me on Instagram or go to my website to book one





You aren’t sure what to do or how to go about your business content marketing strategy.

You feel confused and undecided what to start first because there-are-so-many-option-to-choose-from-and-you-do-no-know-which-is-the-right-decision and you feel overwhelmed with a never-ending list of to-do’s.

You’re not sure what to work on every day. Somehow having your own business that was supposed to give you freedom has taken over your life and you don’t see a way out.




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