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Hi! My name is Violet Marinova.

I'm a Business Coach & Mentor helping women expert build and scale to multi-6-figure online service based businesses, leverage their time and efforts using simple proven systems without the need to be Sales-y and to Hustle 24/7.

I'm also an Independent Real Estate Broker and been selling homes in Metro Atlanta area since 2003. 

Today, I don't do any sales but I can Refer you to the Best REALTOR to help you through my Worldwide Agent Network. Just reach out, I can help.  

I’m on a mission to help you unlearn everything you've been told till now, and start designing the business that aligns with your personal life and beliefs, a business you've dreamed about and was the very reason why you even landed on this page, searching Google for answers.

It's 100% POSSIBLE!!! And I can Help You Do It!

A little about my human and business background.

I have come a long way since starting my first business over 25 years ago in Bulgaria. Before getting into the real estate industry, my husband & I owned 3 other businesses in totally different industries. 

The number one thing that I’ve learned in my many years of human experience is that there is still a LOT to learn and I really love to Learn! I don’t have a formal college education. English is my 3rd language and I consider myself a self- taught lifetime student. Everything I know and achieved it’s through self-teaching myself how to make it happen and for believing that everything is figure-out-able as also one of my mentors said.

I study, implement, and test new ideas every single day, especially with the ever-changing technology!

It is my hope that by sharing my experiences, wins, and failures with you, and by giving you the tools and support you need in order to sustain in this business, you'll be on your way to achieve your biggest dreams. 

In my early years of real estate, I let my business consume my entire life. In turn, I missed out on so many experiences and memories with my kids. I was always on the phone, even late at night. I spent weekends showing homes and meeting with clients. I was thinking about my business even when I was “present” with my family. 

Does this sound familiar?

My coaching & mentoring is focused on empowering you to create better habits, routines and beliefs to help you not live your life by default anymore, but to design it on your own terms.

Unlike others who still teach outdated old-school marketing and sales systems, my focus is into building a solid foundation, grow your brand & business online, and double your income without the need to be sales-y, because this approach don't work anymore.

On a personal note, I’m an Bulgarian/American immigrant, a mother, grandmother, wife and a friend.

I've started my American Dream Life over 22 years ago with no English as a maid in Merry Maids and build it to Selling Multi Million Dollar in Homes Sold and Top Producer Agents for years in my office.

So, I believe that ANYTHING is F#$%^N' POSSIBLE if your really want it!

Since I entered midlife, my perspectives & priorities in life have shifted a little. I started practicing to live more minimalist & more meaningful life, and I’m grateful for my family, good health and the life I'm creating.

It’s your choice to make your Life AMAZING TOO!!!

And I want you to live it!

All the best and with so much 💖 Violet


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